Saturday, March 29, 2008

Garmin GPS devices, a "hot" commodity

So I have to say that I am disappointed because the Garmin (GRMN) GPS system that I received as a gift was just stolen. The device was left in the center compartment of our car but and it was still managed to end up in the hands of someone else. Looking back, I never got in the habit of taking the mount off my windshield, advertising that I used a GPS or a satellite radio.

As I research how many devices have been stolen, I am learning that thefts of GPS devices are on the rise and now I belong to this club. Here are some web articles that I came across: Article

Post-Gazette Article

As mentioned in the article, I am struggling with the decision of buying another portable GPS device...I have to admit that I really enjoyed have GPS for the three months, but I am not sure if I want to deal with the hassle of constantly hiding or removing the device from my vehicle....With the prices ranging from $100-$500 and up, I see that as a car payment. My initial inclination is that I should save this amount for the purchase of my next car, which I will pay to have a factory installed GPS system...

This experience/post is inspiring a stock research post on Garmin (GRMN).

Author Disclosure: I do not own any shares of Garmin Ltd.

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I would back off of a stock like Garmin