Saturday, October 27, 2007 Sales Detail

As I read through the latest 10-Q submission from Amazon (AMZN) representing the 3rd Quarter of 2007 results, the company's sales story is exhibiting accelerating revenue growth.

Summary Points:

- Sales split by region continues to be 55% for North America and 45% for International, consistent with previous reports.
- Electronics and Other General Media segment driving the North America growth
- Media segment leading the International region

I will walk you through the 4 charts below that summarize the sales highlights of

The first chart is a simple quarterly revenue chart by geographical region breakout for the last 8 quarters from Q3 2005 to Q3 2007. In the selected time period, the North America segment consistently is about 55% of the total business. Total revenue growth percentage from prior year averages ~33%.

Exhibit #1. Sales by Region

Exhibit #2 details out the North America region by business segment revenue. The media segment is ~ 60% of the total region with the larger of the prior year % growth coming from the Electronics and Other General Media segment.

Exhibit #2. North America sales by segment

Chart #3 details out the International region by business segment revenue. The media segment is a larger portion at ~70% of the total region. The media segment also provides the largest part of the prior year growth story.

Exhibit #3. International sales by segment

The final picture is a table that highlights the Prior Year revenue growth in $'s. I have highlighted the max number in each column. All in all, a fairly diversified revenue growth story between geographical regions and business segments.

Exhibit #4. Revenue Growth $'s vs. previous year

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