Sunday, February 10, 2008

It is that time of year again...Tax Time

So it is that time of year for me to organize all of my tax info and prepare for the enjoyable process of completing my personal tax forms with the use of Turbo Tax, my software of choice. As a finance professional, I have completing my taxes for the last 7 years or so. I have also helped some of my family members in their quest to meet the April 15th deadline.

Normally, I would drive to the local Best Buy store to pickup the CD version of TurboTax Premier. Entering this year, I have noticed that the software (Federal + State) is retailing around $74. Even though this charge is tax deductable in the tax preparation fees, I decided to try and find the best available deals for the software.

Reading up on some of my favorite blogs for some market research, MyMoneyBlog posts a link to receive a 25% discount for the TurboTax Online product. Click this link if you are interested:

Link to Turbo Tax Online Discount

Doing this for as long as I have, I have grown accustomed to installing the software and having it readily available in the future, if needed. So understanding my preferences, I go to and here are the latest deals:

But I like to take my potential savings a step further, I have been reviewing some of the closed auctions on Ebay and noticed that you can probably close a deal for around $50 which includes shipping....So I should have my software any day now and will also deposit $11.55 into my blog savings account (difference from my Ebay price and Amazon price).

Author Disclosure: I do not own shares of any company mentioned in the above article.


pfstock said...

Wow! What's weird is that each time I reload your page, the deals change. Anyway, I use TaxCut (for various reasons that I mentioned on my blog). When I buy tax software, I usually take the opportunity to buy either MS Money or Quicken. I also pick up a new anti-virus program at the same time.

hank said...

That's a pretty good deal on software. I like the Amazon storefront, and like the checkout procedures, but I can find better deals on Ebay it appears for the most part...